‘Tis the season

It’s the holiday season.  I am so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yesterday on my drive to work I heard my first Christmas song of the season (on the radio- I’ve been listening to my own Christmas music since October).  Granted it was from Justin Bieber’s forthcoming Christmas album, but I’ll take it.

This evening Mac and I are taking Mabel to get her picture taken with Santa.  I’m looking forward to it- and hoping we get as lucky this year as we did last year.

Here is last year’s photo:

This was the first of 3 photos that were taken.  In this photo she’s still trying to figure who the *&$#% this is and what (*$#% is going on.  In subsequent photos she’s just crying.  So, we went with this photo.

Hopefully this year she will either be excited to meet Santa (we’ve read a few Christmas stories featuring Santa in preparation for this photo op) or we can catch a picture before she gets too upset.

Unlike this year Mac and I will not be ripped-off by the mall Santa!  I frequent Sears for our professional photos (thanks to LOTS of coupons meaning really inexpensive photos- they hate me because I always refuse the up-sell and let them throw the extra photos they print in the trash) and this year they are having Santa into their studio for appointments.

So, whereas last year we paid something like $27 for one 5×7 and two 3×5 photos out in the mall, this year we will have an appointment (hopefully this means no long wait) and we’ll get one 5×7 and four wallets for just $9.99.  Ten bucks seems a lot less like robbery than $27!  (Actually, I think $9.99 is the regular price for a sheet of photos at Sears, so it’s ‘nice’ of them not to price gouge for the holidays.  I’m sure they are counting on the up-sell, but thankfully, I am immune.)

Also according to the ad they sent- this isn’t just some lush in a rumpled suit with a synthetic beard, this is, “A professional Santa for that “Real Santa” experience!”


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2 responses to “‘Tis the season

  1. LOL, you should see ours from last year. Brayden is full on hysterical. Screaming bloody murder. It’s awful! Poor little thing was traumatized!

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