Saving Mabel’s artwork

This is part of the Show Us Your Life series at Kelly’s Corner.  This week’s topic is:  Ideas for preserving memories – kid’s artwork.

Just recently I picked up a set of water colors for Mabel at Dollar General, for $1.  She tried them out for the first time (her first time painting) just a couple of weeks ago.

When she was finished, I wrote her name on it, as well as the date, and her age (19 months).  I know that my mother has a bunch of my artwork at home and there’s either no date, or only a date- meaning you have to calculate in your head my age at the time.  So, I’m writing both her age and the date on the stuff she makes.

Another thing I’m planning to do is to take a picture of her with the artwork.  This is an idea I saw somewhere, but cannot, for the life of me, remember where.  I think it will be really cute to look back and see her with her ‘art.’  It also means if there’s a photo of the ‘art’ I don’t actually have to save it- I can use it to wrap a present, give it away, or eventually toss/recycle it, and we’ll still have a digital version for posterity.

Finally, there is something that will be on my Christmas list this year: The Lil Davinci Art Cabinet.

Lil Davinci Art Cabinet

I stumbled across this on Amazon years ago- and actually gave it as a gift to my cousin and a friend who gifted us a copious amount of baby-related hand-me-downs before Mabel was born.

It gets really good reviews on Amazon.  The way it works is that you mount it on the wall, the front opens like a cabinet, and it has some brackets within to hold multiple pieces of art, one on top of the other.  So, as your child creates more, you can keep adding and have it all displayed and stored in one safe place.

It comes in multiple sizes, but I think I’ll get the 8.5″x11″ since that’s the standard size of a piece of paper.

So, those are my intentions since Mable has only just started to really enjoy drawing, coloring, and painting.


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3 responses to “Saving Mabel’s artwork

  1. Stefanie

    That’s a great idea! If she likes to paint, the easels at Ikea are only $15. We got one and the kid loves it.

  2. Stef- I think I’d be better off buying a much more expensive easel from somewhere else or having it delivered. With the amount of money I spend every time I go to IKEA, I could probably get a $200 easel and still be ahead!

  3. Mabel is so cute! My son is 18 months, he hasn’t painted yet but I think I’m going to get a small pumpkin for him to paint this Halloween. I’m excited! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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