The best baby shower idea: monthly onsies!

This post was inspired by this week’s Show Us Your Life bloghop at Kelly’s Corner.  However, it’s also something I’ve been wanting to share for some time- since I think it’s such a great idea and such a treasure to have.

When I was registering for gifts for my baby shower, I happened upon Culpepper General’s Grow Baby Grow set of onsies.  I fell in love with them and wanted them so badly for my impending arrival.  Well, I didn’t wind up with the beautiful set from Etsy- instead, a wonderful and immensely talented friend MADE a set for me!

What really put the gift over the top was the presentation.  Nobody caught a really good shot of me ‘opening’ them, but I think this shot will give you the gist of how she did it…

A clothesline of month by month onsies!

I opened the bag and began pulling out the rope, pretty quickly my sister and cousin had to help.  We pulled and pulled and lo’ and behold were 12 little onsies.  Teeny tiny newborn size all the way to 12 months.  I was absolutely astounded.  It was fabulous.

Once Mabel was born, I was certain to put them to good use!  Here are 12 pictures, one per month for Mabel’s first year!

Having these really motivated me to document Mabel’s first year.  It’s amazing how much she changed in that first year.  I made the pictures into calenders for myself, the grandparents, and my sister- so each month, we can look and see what Mabel looked like a year ago- another amazing change.

This was such a wonderful gift.  I have this Pearhead Time Frame"" picture frame to display the photos- it’s just wonderful to look back and remember the baby my toddler once was.

I’ve seen baby clothes used as baby shower decor in the past, but I think a clothesline strung with 12 onsies like these would make a great combination decoration/gift!


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8 responses to “The best baby shower idea: monthly onsies!

  1. Love, love, LOVE monthly onesies! Great gift and love the idea of stringing them up as a decoration! Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping in from Kelly’s Korner. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Stefanie

    It’s so neat to see all 12 pictures of Mabel next to each other. If you ever want to make a set, I can send you the photoshop files. 🙂

  3. I love this! I threw a baby shower for a friend in April, and I wish I’d have thought of this! I’ll have to keep it in mind for my sister- for someday!

  4. mkwewer

    I’m stealing this…sooooo stealing this….

  5. What a wonderful idea! So sweet, and it beats taping a “1 month!” sign to the kid like I did for the first year. =>

  6. This is an awesome idea! I’m definitely doing this if I have another baby! We have photographed BabyC on each one month birthday, sitting on the couch next to hand-written sign. The problem is that she won’t sit still anymore and would rather turn around and tear up the sign. In the onesie you can capture them on the move, doing what they do, without worrying about the stupid sign. I love the photos of Mabel too, especially month 7:)

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