Wordless Wednesday


Since this is just a little too bizarre to post without explanation, I’m using it for Wordless Wednesday, but with words

This is a photo Mac took while we were on vacation in Maine.  It’s the “float” in the Logging Festival Parade sponsored by the a septic/porta-potty company.

The septic truck (that empties your septic tank when it gets full) towed a trailer.  On that trailer were 2 porta-potties (and that young boy).  In one of those porta-potties was a man with a mullet, a handlebar mustache, and a newspaper.

I guess this is what you would call ‘local flavor.’


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5 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Haha!! That’s the funniest picture I’ve seen today!! 🙂

  2. ROTFL! What a way to drum up business.

  3. Bahahaha!!! I nearly fell of my chair when I saw this…hehe…

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