Happiness is… not missing out.

Last week I took Friday off from work.

I had been on vacation the week before.

I felt really guilty and conflicted about taking the day.

The reason for taking the day off was simple- Mabel had a doctor’s appointment, Mac had a dentist’s appointment, my parents weren’t available to babysit Mabel, and we had planned to leave after work to drive down to Delaware for the weekend.  If I took the day off, I could go with Mabel to her appointment,  take her to the park while Mac was at the dentist, and then we could hit the road early and get to Delaware at 7pm instead of 11pm.

I had plenty of vacation time- even after the previous week’s vacation.  I’ve only met her pediatrician ONCE- because I’m always at work so Mac (who is a stay at home dad) takes her.  I never get to take her to the park, the library, the doctor.  I’m always at work.  There was nothing pressing at work- my technician could always text or call me if something came up.  Why was I feeling guilty about being away from the lab?  Was my guilt about missing work going to outweigh the guilt of missing even more time with my gal?

You always read about how many vacation days go unused every year in America.  I don’t want to be one of those people.


Mabel was a champ at the doctor- some tears for the vaccinations that were quickly forgotten.  We dropped Mac at the dentist.  We hit up the park.  We had fun watching an ant (Mabel kept saying, “Bee!” because all bugs are bees right now), birds, picnicking by the pond.  We had a great time.

Then, we picked up a numb and mumbling Mac and hit the road for Delaware… but that’s another post.

Happiness is… pretending to be a stay at home mom for the morning.  Like I’ve said before, it’s like being on vacation!


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7 responses to “Happiness is… not missing out.

  1. this is the time you won’t get back – take the vacation days!

  2. That’s what I keep reminding myself.

    When I was little my mom had to make the choice to leave a high-stress, high-time commitment, high-paying job for one at a school that gave her all the holidays and summers off, but paid next to nothing. When she asked her mom what to do, my nana said, “They won’t remember the paycheck, they’ll just remember that you weren’t there.”

    I try to balance being the primary breadwinner in my family (which isn’t a trivial task) with being present enough that it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

  3. Stopping by with Happiness is… hop
    Such a fun day together =^D

  4. Love it!! She is adorable and you HAVE to take those vacation days! They grow up so fast (my baby is suddenly six years old!) and you don’t want to miss it. Work will always be there, babies will not. Enjoy.

    Just stopping by from the Happiness Is… bloghop at Rub Some Dirt On It. 🙂

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