The Science of Potty Training?

I recently saw this article on NPR’s Health Blog:  Why Toilet Training Can Trip Up Parents and  Doctors.

I read it hoping to find some evidenced based techniques for toilet training.  I’m much in need of such information considering that Mabel is 19 months old and so far, this is as much success as we’ve had since getting the potty a few weeks ago:

Thankfully (?) the potty has yet to be used for its intended purpose, so the doll didn't get tossed after this.

The article was basically a summary of how little is known about how best to toilet train- best being a kind of subjective amalgam of ease, speed, effectiveness, health effects, etc. of the various techniques (Brazelton vs. Azrin-Foxx vs. Gross-Loh).

I haven’t done much reading on potty training.  Mabel started to express interest in the toilet and what was going on in that regard, so I got the potty chair.  She enjoys sitting on it (and apparently putting her baby in it!), but so far hasn’t put anything other than toys in it.  I’m not sure that any of use are ready to really push the issue and try really hard to potty train.

When did you potty train your kid(s)?  How did you go about it?

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