iPhone (Droid) Photo Friday- Vacation Edition

This past week I ventured with my family northward- to Maine, via New Hampshire.  Here are the photos I captured on my cell phone for iPhone Photo Friday.

First up, this odd find in a gift shop in Gorham, NH:

Moose Shish Kapoop

Who thought this (literal) crap up?  I’ve heard of Moose Poop earrings and key chains, but shellacked moose poop and bread on a shish kabob stick?  Why?!  You may also imagine my feeling of ironic surprise when I noted that said Moose Shish Kapoop was made in Wasilla, Alaska- home of an infamous former vice-presidential candidate.

After the stop-over in Gorham, we arrived at our final destination- Rangeley, Maine.  This was our view for the week:

The view from the porch.

Note the dog wasted no time jumping in the lake!

Mabel also wasted no time:

Ready for all manner of water sports!

I managed to resist the temptation to buy one of these:

Spinmallow, where have you been all my life?

I do think this is an ingenious idea.  What better way to ensure even toasting of a marshmallow than a motorized marshmallow stick?!  Where is the infomercial for this?

Mabel was pretty much the center of attention ALL THE TIME:

She'll grow into it.

Here she has even managed to coax Pop off his bicycle so she could take a ride.

We did have some rainy weather:

A rainy afternoon.

Thankfully the rain was short-lived and didn’t put too much of a damper on our vacation.

Bathing beauty.

All aboard!

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