My best parenting advice: keep your expectations low

This post is inspired by the “Show Us Your Life” (SUYL) blog hop hosted by Kelly’s Korner.  This week’s SYUL topic is:  Share your best parenting advice.


My daughter (almost 5 weeks old) and I (with makeup on)- on her first Valentine's Day.

The parenting advice I always give to new parents:  Keep your expectations low- what you expect of yourself, your partner, and your baby.

Those first weeks with an infant are tough.  Your baby doesn’t know how to exist in the world.  You don’t know how to [insert new parenting skill here].  Your partner doesn’t know anything at all (how to help you, what not to say to you, etc.)!  In those early days, accomplishments will include:  getting out of your pajamas, brushing your teeth, getting a couple hours of sleep, eating something, not getting poop on yourself, etc.   Set the bar REALLY low.

There’s a lot for new moms to learn and new babies have to learn everything!  Try to remember that the learning curve is steep- for both of you.  Your partner wants to help, but is as clueless (maybe even more so?) than you.  Cut yourself, your baby, and your partner lots of slack.

You wear the same pajamas 48 hours straight, sleeping and waking- so what?!  There’s an enormous pile of laundry (some of it with baby poop on it) sitting in the hamper- get over it!  You take a nap rather than do chores- good for you!  You remember to take that stool softener- cheers!  You only put on makeup so there exists a picture of your child’s infancy in which you don’t look like death- who doesnt?!  (See mine above!)

The first weeks are hard.  It does get better.  Until it gets better, keep your expectations low, muddle through, forgive yourself, and try your best to enjoy the little moments along the way.


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