Guest posting on The Mother Geek today

A friend and fellow science mom invited me to guest post on her blog today as part of her Momday series:  The Mother Geek

I’m posting about the recent discussion I’ve seen on parenting blogs and in the news about pediatric pratices refusing to treat children whose parents refuse to vaccinate.  Should docs be able to turn away families that don’t vaccinate?  It’s not a simple question, and in this case my scientific views may be in opposition to my maternal views.

Join the discussion on The Mother Geek here:  Momday:  Momma, PhD on vaccinations

Or weigh in on Twitter #Momday #SciMom @JeanneGarb @mazafratz



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2 responses to “Guest posting on The Mother Geek today

  1. Tob

    I’ve always come your site pretty often but never made a comment however this post really made me want to say thanks. So, thanks! Best wishes and keep up the good work,


  2. Yasuko Gahring

    Thanks for good info 🙂

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