The search for the perfect toddler sandal

A few months ago I purchased this adorable pair of Hide & Squeak white fisherman sandals for Mabel.  They would have been $35 full price, but I purchased them from Zulily  for less than $12 including shipping!

Mabel HATED the squeaker in these.  It’s supposed to encourage them to walk, but all it did was drive the dog crazy (I think she thought they were dog toys) and scare Mabel.  When I first put them on her and stood her up, she took one step before the dog rushed her and she started screaming (because of the squeak, not the dog), refusing to move.  Thankfully the squeakers are removable.  So I took them out and after a few times of wearing them and crying for a few minutes, Mabel forgot about the squeakers and wore them just fine.

Of course now, two months later, she’s nearly outgrown them!  I am so bummed, because they are so cute, they’ve worn well, and she likes them.   So the hunt is on for a replacement.  I really like the closed toe on these (keeps her from stubbing her toes or catching her shoe on things); however, they are much less forgiving in the growth department.

So, I picked up the Payless version of the fisherman sandal.  I wasn’t crazy about it, but I had been frequenting several flash sale sites hoping for that same exact pair to go on sale with no luck.  There was no way I was paying $20+ for toddler shoes, so for $12.99 I got the Payless version.

I got them home and Mabel didn’t particularly like them.  They felt a little too tight height-wise through the arch of her foot and they were much chunkier and cheap looking than the pair she had.  I wasn’t very happy with them and debated returning them.

Thankfully tonight, I found something on Totsy that I think will work.

These are the Megan Squeaky Shoe from Itzy Bitzy.

While they were originally $22 and onsale now for $18.50, Totsy is selling them for $11.75.  Since I had a credit for free shipping, my grand total (plus tax) was $12.97.  They are open-toe, which should buy us more time than the closed-toe version and I’m hoping they are better quality than the Payless ones.  So, the Payless shoes are going back and we’ll see how these Itzy Bitzy sandals work out.  Fingers crossed.

Note to my readers:  sites like Zulily and Totsy are ‘invitation only,’ presumably so not everyone knows just how cheap their prices are.  The links I’ve provided to those sites in this post are my ‘referral’ link- basically an invitation link that will allow you to join the site.  I think both Zulily and Totsy offer referral credits- meaning if you join using my link and purchase something, I get a store credit.  If you don’t want to use my referral link, you can ask around to see if a friend is a member (then he/she will get the credit) or you can request a membership by going to their homepages.

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