Thank you: A Vintage Poster

Back in May, Sara from A Vintage Poster offered this poster for free:

The only thing I had to do, other than cover the cost of shipping, was promise not to let the poster languish in a closet, or elsewhere, I had to promise to display it.

This “Perfect Motto” means a lot to Sara- you can read about that here.

The motto: live simply, expect little, give much- really resonated with me.  I think I do a good job with ‘live simply’ and ‘give much,’ but I really need to work on ‘expect little.’  My feelings are often hurt because I expect as much from others as I expect from myself.  I’d me a much happier person if I could let go and ‘expect little.’

So, I kept my promise to Sara.  It took me a few weeks, in my defense, I was traveling for many of them.  But just this weekend, I framed the poster and Mac kindly drove the  nail and hung it up.  It’s right in our kitchen.  When I prepare dinner, I see it.  When I sit to eat with my little family, I see it.

Next step- making it my ‘perfect motto.’

Many thanks to Sara.

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