This is my new cheesy obsession:
Ski Queen Gjetost Original Goat Cheese""

It’s a Norwegian goat/sheep’s milk cheese.  It looks and tastes like caramel.  Yup.  Cheese that is just like caramel.  With apples it’s awesome.  It’s also rumored to make an great fondue.

I found this cheese while browsing Murray’s Cheese online.  I’ve never been to Murray’s in person, but my cousin worked there (at the Grand Central location) for a while and that’s how I had heard about it.

My husband, Mac, was having a birthday and I needed a gift.  I didn’t want to get him a random piece of electronics, or another clever T-shirt, so I racked my brain for something different that he would appreciate.  I settled on the idea of getting him cheese.  Yup.  Birthday cheese.

One of our favorite indulgences when we eat out at a fancy place is the cheese plate/board.  We enjoy trying unique, different, never heard of it, stinky, nutty, creamy, cheeses.  So, I thought, “Why make my own cheese board for him.”  So, I arranged to have my sister go to Murray’s with a list of cheeses I thought he’d like to try (from the descriptions on the website), and get a small portion of each.

I’m jealous that I didn’t go myself- she was able to sample lots of cheeses and got some of the ones on my list, as well as some others the cheese guy suggested based on the list.  We had 6 cheeses- about 1/4 pound each.

As a birthday gift, my sister got Mac a slate cheese board- complete with chalk to write the names of the cheeses.  So we presented this to him while singing happy birthday:

Mac’s favorite was Roomano– like an aged Gouda.  But my favorite was definitely the Gjetost-like nothing (other than caramel, of course) I’ve tried before.   I would highly suggest you try Gjetost.  It is delicious!


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5 responses to “Gjetost=caramel+cheese

  1. Visiting from the Alexa Hop from http://practicalfrugality.blogspot.com/. I stumbled this post, Google +1, and followed you;)

  2. I’m stopping in from the Alexa Blog Hop!
    Bri @ Ramblings of a Southern Mama

  3. Found you from the Blog Hop and had to say something about the Gjetost. My hubs and I are OBSESSED with this cheese! Hubs has family in Norway that used to mail this in bulk to the poor Americans. So when it shows up at a grocery store or a specialty foods store, he buys them out of ALL of it, then finds the guy who does the ordering and asks when they will get more. 🙂 Now it’s always on the shelf at our local grocery.

    We almost named the cat Gjetost we love it so much. (It was insane to ask the poor vets to remember or spell that though, so we went with Rowdy.)

    Try it on toasted cinnamon raisin bagels with butter and slices of cheese…divine.

    • How do you properly pronounce it?

    • ye (like in the first part of the word “yet”)
      toast (like the stuff I burn in the toaster oven)

      And apparently, it means “Brown Cheese” (or maybe it was “Brown Goat Cheese”?) so that’s just what it says to plebeians like us who don’t speak Norwegian. In Norway, it’s “brunost.”

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