18 months already

Can’t believe my little Mabel is a year and a half old already!  Here she is on the actual day she turned 18 months old:

She’s finally starting to talk- doggie, hot, mommy, daddy, shoe, baby, more please, apple, water and some others.  She knows lots of sounds- horse, cat, dog, chicken, bird, sheep, cow, bear, motorcycle, truck, plane, train.  It’s very cute.  Meow comes out as “why” and the train sound is “gee gee” (like glee without the “l”).  When she has pooped in her diaper, she says, “Wow!” (which I guess is because her dad and I usually say “Wow!” when we find out what’s in there)  She pretty much knows everything we say to her- lots of body parts, animals, etc.  Today I asked her to let the dog out and she went over, opened the screen door, let the dog through, and then closed the door again.  Can’t believe it.

She’s starting to sing along to all kinds of music (even singing along with the priest today in church during the transubstantiation when everyone else is silent), she’s best at “Row, row, row your boat.”

She’s such a little sweetheart and Mac and I often find ourselves in awe of her- as every parent should be of his/her little one.

It’s so exciting watching her personality emerge.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know her.


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3 responses to “18 months already

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  2. Wow, this is totally like what I wrote. Awww, our girls. It’s sad to see them stop being babies, but also great to know you have a hand in this change. She’s gorgeous!

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