The 1500s are totally in again

You know how people are saying fashions come and go- something will fall out of fashion, only to be revived some years later?  Bell bottoms are now flares, platforms are back, espadrilles, caftans, open-toed boots…

RJ Girl Women’s Alle Open-Toe Ankle Boot""

Oh, wait, you don’t ever remember open toed boots being in fashion?  Maybe that’s because you weren’t alive in 1500s- as in Medieval times.


This past weekend I went to The Cloisters– an outpost of The Metropolitan Museum of Art that houses some of their Medieval European items.  Imagine my surprise when I spotted these open-toed boots:

On this guy:

Apparently it’s a likeness of Saint Roch, carved in the 1500s- complete with “bulbous sore indicative of the plague” (curing others of which earned him sainthood).

I think opened toed boots are quite ridiculous- why hybridize a sandal with a boot?

Let’s just hope bulbous sores don’t come back into fashion.

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