Factual Inaccuracies in Children’s “Literature”

This is one of my daughter’s favorite books:

I Love You, Grandpa""

I Love You, Grandpa by Jillian Harker (Author) and Daniel Howarth (Illustrator)

While the story is sweet, about the love between a grandfather and grandson and all the former can teach the latter, it kind of irks me.  In reality, bears don’t know their grandfathers.  They don’t even know their fathers.  Cubs are raised by their mothers.  Older male bears are generally a threat to bear cubs.  So, while the story is sweet, when I read it, I can’t help but know it’s inaccurate.

There are loads of examples of this- like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, do you know a species of caterpillar that could actually eat through that much fruit and food?

And what about this book:

The Snuggliest Snuggle in the World""

The Snuggliest Snuggle in the World by Sarah Nash (Author) and Daniel Howarth (Author)

In this story the little leopard misses his mommy and gets hugs from other animals in the jungle- like a bear, a monkey, and a python.  When the python “hugs” him, the leopard says the hugs are too “tickly” even though it looks more like the python is trying to make him into a meal.

I read the books, and I enjoy the sentiments, but the logical scientist in me can’t help but think of the factual inaccuracies.

Have you come across any glaring examples of this in your kids’ books?

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One response to “Factual Inaccuracies in Children’s “Literature”

  1. Dot

    I totally agree and doing a dissertation on it currently, its amazing how many books are innacurate!

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